(Gists) Gboko Reacts to Eddy Montana & JJ Debusta Energy

Let me assume we already know who
Eddy Montana the Kwase Crooner is
and of course the wave of the moment JJ Debusta, we’ll talk more about them later
for now Let’s go straight to my highlight of the behind the scenes of Gboko Remix Visuals.

It would be totally outrageous, inadmissible, unorthodox and unforgivable, if I fail to ceremoniously admonish and render approbations to what Seemed to had happen on the 23rd February 2021

Gboko the Remix
Eddy Montana Ft JJ Debusta
Visuals Shot by Slo H Films

sound system been controlled and managed by DJ Mafia
Under the Directives of Mc Tizic

First of all the Punctuality
seem to have amazed me on the arrivals to the Scene.
DJ Mafia kicked off welcoming those who just seemed to be arriving from afar with a song of JJ Debusta Titled “SS3”
an Afro Street Dancehall vibe.

Video shot Officially Kicked off after the grand arrival of Eddy Montana and few of his team Inclusive the Cinematographer in Question “Slo H”

JJ Debusta is well known for his Aggressive and Energetic Vibe that seems to always consume him whenever his in position with a microphone.
it’s no surprise that the Center Of Gboko Town was held up in a Big time Traffic
for almost a full Hour of 60 minutes.

the photos Below and short Video Clip
will give you the glimpse of what you should be Anticipating of the Gboko visuals coming your way soon!

Writer: Joseph Msughter Anjo (PeculiarBlogger)

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