Gist: fire on a Mountain as Baby Mama Mnena iwambe stopped a wedding from holding in Makurdi

The wedding ceremony between one Solomon Uto and Charity Akuji failed to hold yesterday after his other babymama stopped it at NKST IFAN.

According to Orkwande, the groom Mr. Solomon Uto 16-years back got both Mnena and Charity pregnant in same year.

The two women gave birth just months apart 16years ago with Mnena bearing him a son in October while Charity a daughter in November.

Lo and behold, Solomon who has refused paying school fees of his son but paying that of his daughter decided to wed Charity based on the fact that they are from the same Konshisha LGA thereby dumping Mnena in the process.

Things got out of hand when Mnena heard her baby daddy was about to wed so she consulted the NKST Church, explained issues to them where a letter was sent from NKST High level to Ifan to cancel the wedding immediately.

Mr Solomon,then went ahead to convince the elders of IFAN church somehow, and the wedding was allowed to hold. However, some streets squad invaded the church venue and stopped the wedding from happening. Though,it was alleged that a secret reception was to hold whether the union was blessed in church or not but…..

Me: This wouldn’t have turned out this ugly if Mr Solomon had stepped up to make Mnena understand charity was the woman he wanted.. guess he was going about it the “macho” way of am the man and can do what I want..

Kai see this kind hard period like this ,you cook rice,buy cake, drinks only for wedding to scatter anyhow,… Bros will not forget in a hurry.

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