BENJAMIN AONDOAKAA IBI, popular Artist known by stage name BEN6IX, from vandeikya robbed and shot twice in the face resulting in losting of his eye.

Read from his quote

This number called me on my Airtel line and mentioned my name which was Ben and mentioned my profession which is artistic jobs like painting, POP wallpapering and Screeding then I said Yes these are my jobs.

So he said he has a job for me which we booked appointments on how to meet up with each other the next day being on the 7th July 2021.

The next day he called again but I told him am far but soon I will be around. At that moment my mind was not at rest and I was was having double thoughts about the meeting.

So I was on a video call talking to my brother Jerry when the number started calling again. This time I shared the whole story with Jerry and he said I shouldn’t go but if I feel like going then I should follow my heart. Then we ended the call because he was busy with work.

Then I got on another video call with Juliet which lasted more than an hour, though she was busy at work too but we still managed to talk. Suddenly this same number started calling again, I picked and told him am coming that there is traffic. So I decided to share it with Juliet and she asked if I knew the person but I said no, but it’s money matters , besides I need money to travel to Abuja so let me go see if the job is something I can negotiate on and get it done before I travel.

Immediately she checked the time it was few minutes to 12noon so she said to me that I have made her slow with work and that we should talk later then we ended the call.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom, had a bath and got dressed up then I head out. I had few cash on me but I decided to withdraw some money which was 4K.

Immediately my Dad called and asked how I have been managing with life here in Lagos and I told him fine that am putting in my best right now am on my way to check out a job, then I promised to send him airtime once am free then he wished me well.

I stopped a bike, negotiated and head for the address the person gave me. But because my mind was not settled, I dropped my iPhone with someone and bought some bitter kola to chew then I proceeded.

Getting to the location, I called the person letting him know I’m there but he said I should come back to Chemist bus stop opposite Heathrow Hotel at satellite town so I did a U turn with the bike man to the current location where the incident happened.

On reaching there, I met with the guy, we both stood by the road side and talked for 2-3mins then he signaled the others to join him and immediately they came on a bike then joined us.

Immediately one of them brought out a gun and pointed at me then asked me to kneel down at a very close range I heard two gun shots straight to my left eye. I fell down shouting my eyes and that was when they searched me and took everything on me then 3 of them including the bike guy left . At that moment I couldn’t hear or see anything, I was just rolling on the ground in pains.

I was on the floor crying and begging for help but nobody came to my help. I managed to stand up and talk to the middle of the road until I was able to locate a gutter where I washed my face and was able to see with one eye. That was how people who knew me was able to recognize me so they quickly rushed me to the nearby hospital GOD’s CURE HOSPITAL but it was beyond them so Mr Nicholas and others tried to get a bike but none agreed to carry me so he had no choice than to get his car and that was how I was droven to NIGERIAN NAVY REFERENCE HOSPITAL OJO LAGOS, The emergency department.

Some firsts aid treatments where carried out before an eye doctor came for me. She examined the both eyes and said the right eye is still okay but the left eye is damaged and needs to be operated on immediately before the bullet causes more damages.

A brain check was carried out too to know if the affected the brain or not.

Another surgery was carried out on Thursday 15th July 2021.

Here is a before and after pictures

To God be the glory, Bendix is receiving positive reaction from the treatment and here is his selfie today.

We at mic9ja.com wishes you a speedy recovery


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