Nicki Minaj” kills career with nudity

After the entrance of Cardi B in the hiphop industry claiming the position of a queen brought misery within Nicki minaj hip-hop career. Evident by his release of her album Queen wich caried a lot of dises directed to a lot of hiphop legends like Eminem and 50 cent , Nicki Minaj went on to dive deeper in exposing her body just to have fans ( so much for fame)

The new hit song Trolls with her featuring with six9 have proven that Nick minaj is on the edge of her career one more trip could lead to her demise

We all love Nicki Minaj ,but this is just way too much nudity for the public wich can affect the views in different ways. Talking back to the issue it seems that many other artist reviews are not as positive as expected. The famous hiphop industry is laying a cold shoulder on this one.Within three days the video have hit more tha 50 million views but leaving negative review. Even author Cleopas Chereni was not impressed by this one and is taking advantage by critiquing the song.

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