Prime Wave – Benue Indigenous Cypher Ft Ten Virginz x Anslem x T.I.C x Wizzyben x B Black x Meddy x JQ x JT Warrior x Noobvee

Prime Wave is here with the groundbreaking BenueIndigenous Cypher. Benue Indigenous Cypher is not just a musical collaboration – it is a celebration of culture. This vibrant symphony of voices brings together the lyrical prowess of Ten Virginz, the rhythmic finesse of Anslem, and the authentic representation of T.I.C for Al’Igede.

Wizzyben, B Black and Meddy add a distinct flavor to the mix, each echoing the spirit of their respective ethnic roots within the Idoma nation.

JQ, JT Warrior and Noobvee, proudly representing the Tiv people, contribute their unique verses, weaving a narrative that transcends their music.

This indigenous fusion isn’t just about beats and rhymes; it’s a sonic journey through the varied traditions and stories embedded in Benue’s cultural fabric. The Benue Indigenous Cypher, an ode to unity in diversity, is more than an MP3 download – it show the rich tapestry of talent and heritage thriving in the heart of Nigeria.


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