Revealed: This Is Why Beyonce Featured Wizkid And Not Davido On Her Lion King Album

While we appreciate Beyonce for featuring our favourite African stars in her ‘Lion King: The Gift’ Album, variety of individuals are still wondering why she didn’t feature some popular Nigerian Musicians or ‘A’ popular Nigerian Musician on the album. it’s little question an honest thing to ascertain the local-foreign collaborations. it’s an honest thing for Nigeria and Africa as an entire . we’ve had major Nigerian-foreign collaborations, most of which were between Wizkid, Davido, and Yemi Alade. this is often indeed good for the longer term of the Nigerian Music industry.

Beyonce is one among the most important musicians within the world at the instant , if not the most important , then it had been an outstanding thing to listen to the planet star say she planned on featuring a number of Africa’s biggest music stars on her Lion King Album. Nigerians were particularly excited and were looking forward to the album. However, when it came out, despite the very fact that we did love that she features popular Nigeria musicians like Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage, Tekno, amongst others, many wondered why she didn’t feature Davido. 

Prior to this album, Davido has had more international collaborations than the other Nigerian artist, so it had been only normal to think Davido will make the album, but to the surprise of the many , Davido didn’t make the album, but Wizkid did, which caused the famous Wizkid-Davido argument as regards who is best than the opposite , etc.

Davido never addressed things as ‘baddest’ as he’s often called was concerned with keeping the pace and making good music for his fans. Inside news reported that selected major African musicians had to send music samples, and Beyonce chose those she felt will make an honest fit the album after taking note of the samples. Many said Davido didn’t send his sample which is why he wasn’t featured on the album, others said, Davido did send a sample but Beyonce didn’t a bit like his voice. there have been different talks about why she didn’t have Davido on the album. the foremost valid and best was this.

Beyonce may be a powerful vocalist and for her music is all about the voice, content, and therefore the message but first the voice. she will always fix in good lyrics but she is extremely particular about the voice. When T-pain started using auto-tune, he wasn’t doing so because he had a nasty voice. As a matter of fact, he’s also a really good vocalist, but he adopted the auto-tune as a thing because it gave his voice a effect he felt could easily differentiate and stand him out from others which eventually did. lately , auto-tune is employed to repair a nasty voice which wasn’t the initial intent. If you hear the African musicians on the Lion King album, they’re either good vocalists or have a really distinct sound which will stand the, out if or not auto-tune is fixed on their voices.

Davido doesn’t really have an honest voice but has always passed the test with good sound engineering and a touch auto-tune. Being a robust vocalist and having been within the business for therefore long, Beyonce knows an honest and bad voice when she hears one. Her decision to not have Davido on the album might be because he doesn’t have an honest voice or a very different sort of music. However, we love Davido and his songs, and that we appreciate the diligence he puts into making good songs and staying consistent within the Nigerian music space. this might be however be why he wasn’t featured on Beyonce’s Lion King: The Gift album.

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