What’s the color of your urine says about your health

8 Urine colors: What you should know about your health condition if your Urine has these colors

Today we want to talk abut the health concern and indication that the colors of urine has mostly about ou health. Most of us don’t really show much concern about the color of our urine before we leave the toilet of even flush it off.Medical experts said that, the details about your urine, like the color and spell will tell you about your health conditions and how your body is. That is what we will be discussing today8 Urine colors and the health meaning

:1.Transparent/Pure whiteit means you are over-hydrated, you have been drinking enough water and might need to reduce it.

2.Pale Yellow:Your healthy and well hydrated.

3.Transparent Yellow:You are okay and normal.

4.Dark Yellow:You are normal but you need some more water to drink.

5.Brownish yellow:Sign of dehydration or a possible sign of liver disease

6.Pinkish red:A possible sign of kidney disease. UTI or Tumor.If you haven’t eaten fruits like carrots, blackberries or beetroots could be the cause.

7.Blue or Green:Possible sign of a rare genetic disease, this is probably due to dyes in your food or medicine taken.

8.Foamy:Sign of kidney disease.It is medically advised to see a doctor when you start to see sign and symptoms in your urine as we just mentioned.

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